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Welcome To the Health and Wellness Resource Library

Here you will find a variety of  informative, educational and practical information  -including ebooks - on topics related to your Journey to Wellness. 

This new page is under construction. New articles are being adding every week.

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Massage For Many Common Conditions

Many common and chronic conditions respond well to massage . These articles offer some examples.

Massage + Chronic Pain (pdf)


General Wellness

A variety of topics related to your Wellness

Diet, Nutrition and Supplements

Essentials of Balanced Nutrition, Diet and choosing the right Supplements to support Vitality for Life.

Stress Management Topics

Everybody has some degree of stress in their lives. Sometimes it overwhelms. Lifestyle changes can reduce stress and its effects. An alternative is to use Stress Management strategies. Here are some resources to consider.

12 Stressful Things (pdf)



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